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Dimensional and Hyper-Dimensional Logics #2- 12/3/2021- logic, dimensionality, cryptography
- cryptography and dimensional logics
Truth as a Prosentential Operator- 11/9/2021- truth, logic, liar paradox
- thinking about truth as a prosentential operator
Iraq and Afghanistan- 8/20/2021- national security, society
- America's greatest strategic mistake
Police Reform Ideas- 2/21/2021- law, society, justice
- police reform ideas
Social Structuralism- 7/8/2020- law, society, politics, philosophy
- thoughts on structuralism and society
Life Guidance Summary- 5/29/2020- maxims, practical wisdom, guidance
- thinking about the delphic maxims
Toward Gift Economics #2- 1/23/2020- money, economics, society, finance, future
- more on gift economics
Comparing Value- 3/12/2020- ethics, value, finance, society
- thinking about value
Another Reply to the Argument from Evil- 9/10/2021- theology, philosophy, god, religion
- going beyond the word 'God'
Resume- 2/28/2021- software, programming, development, jobs
- resume and profiles
Techne and Philosophy- 1/18/2019- technology, philosophy
- software, technology, and philosophy
Some Health Habits- 10/2/2021- herbal supplements, water, health, nootropics
- some health habits of mine
Addressing Metalogical Justification- 9/28/2021- logic, epistemology, truth
- addressing metalogical justification and skepticism
Propositional Stability and Cohen Forcing- 7/11/2021- cohen forcing, models, propositional stability, logic
- a few remarks
SCO and the Myth of the Given- 9/26/2021- metaphilosophy, language
- further comments about the Myth of the Given
Metalanguages and Visualization Apps- 9/25/2021- software, programming, logic, philosophy of language, linguistics
- explaining diagrams, visualization, and text apps
Thinking Notation #4- 9/25/2021- logic
- axiom justification and recovering classical logic
Alternative Money Systems- 5/7/2020- finance, future
- alternative money systems
Posthumanism and Transhumanism- 9/23/2019- philosophy, future
- discussing two potent philosophies of the future
Why the Soviet Union Collapsed- 9/15/2021- history, economics, national security
- why the Soviet Union fell
Posthuman Languages- 1/23/2021- language
- thinking about future non-human languages
On Connection Theory- 7/19/2020- math, philosophy of math, diagrams
- comments about connection theory
Philosophers in Business and Government- 7/17/2021- philosophy, society
- successful philosophers
Logical Module- 8/4/2016- logic
- sketch of a new concept in logic
Half Dimensions- 12/2/2020- math, space, ontology
- questioning the idea of dimensions using the naturals
Remarks on Truth-Grounding and the Liar- 3/18/2018- logic, truth, liar paradox
- remarks on truth-grounding and the liar
Error of Nations- 4/24/2021- logical fallacies, cognitive bias, distortions of thought
- conflating people and governments
Truth-Only Logic #2- 2/28/2018- logic, truth
- sketch of single-valued logic
Water Purity- 3/20/2021- water, health, guidance
- how to remove lead from your water
Misconceptions About Software- 3/17/2021- software, programming
- common misconceptions about software
Grand Meta-Narratives- 3/15/2021- society, postmodernism, nietzsche
- the death of god and grand meta-narratives
Overnaming- 1/26/2019- logic, irrationality, fallacies
- identifying a fallacy stemming from names
Arguments against Materialism- 2/28/2019- metaphysics, science
- concise arguments against materialism
On Spengler- 2/21/2021- the decline of the west
- critique of spengler
More on Mirrors- 2/21/2021- energy, utilities, engineering
- mirrors for energy and water transmission
Inner Semantics #2- 1/31/2021- language, semantics, math
- inner semantics, semantically-closed languages, category theory
Path Deformation- 1/31/2021- math
- path deformation, univalent foundations, connection theory
Software Engineering and Mistakes- 4/24/2020- software, errors, engineering
- how many mistakes do engineers make?
Inner Semantics- 12/26/2017- language, semantics
- new semantical system
Non-Eternalist Logic- 11/27/2020- logic, eternalism
- introducing logics that change
Dogmas About Space Time- 12/2/2020- space, ontology, metaphysics
- dogmas about space-time
Complete Portfolio- 5/15/2020- software, programming, development
- my full portfolio
Test Tracking- 5/20/2020- software, programming, development, jobs
- personal test performance
Mac Install Notes- 5/15/2020- software, programming, development
- Mac install notes
Ontological Gaps- 11/27/2020- ontology, forms, structuralism
- comments about ancient forms and modern structuralism
Why I Oppose Marxism- 7/19/2020- philosophy, economics, political theory
- arguments against Marxism
Community Currencies- 7/9/2020- money, philosophy, value, society
- small town adopts community currency
Dimensions and Unpacking- 6/25/2020- math, geometry, science fiction
- thinking about Sophons and Trisolarians
Where Am I In Programming- 6/25/2020- jobs, programming, software
- figuring out where I stand as programmer
Rechnender Raum- 6/25/2020- philosophy, computer science, physics, math
- the world as [a] giant simulation and/or computer
Default Views- 6/25/2020- philosophy
- what people think and what philosophers think
One-Way Functions- 9/7/2019- computer science
- open problems in math and cs
Sea Level Rise- 5/29/2020- global warming, sea-level rise, existential threats
- carbon capture and sea-level rise
Future Governance- 9/23/2019- law, future
- politics, technology, and the future
Ground Facts and Truth- 5/23/2020- philosophy, software, philosophy of science, truth
- automating truth and proof
Animal Societies- 5/29/2020- surplus, society, technology
- thinking about surplus, technology, and society
COVID-19 Facts- 4/11/2020- COVID-19, virus, pandemics
- COVID-19
Supernaturalism- 6/18/2019- supernaturalism, naturalism, metaphysics
- thoughts on conceptions about the supernatural
Azure Ubuntu VM- 5/15/2020- software, programming, development
- Azure Ubuntu VM setup
Towards Less-Linguistic Programming- 2/28/2018- computer science, programming, language
- pictorial programming
Cryonics- 4/25/2020- cryonics
- what's up with cryonics?
Sign, Identity, Relations- 4/24/2020- ontology, logic, math
- thinking about identity and relations
Fragile States Index- 4/21/2020- The Fragile States Index
- Fragile States Index
LOG- 11/14/2018- spatial logic
- sketch of a spatial logic embedded into 3-space
Dimensional and Hyper-Dimensional Logics- 7/18/2018- logic, truth-conditions
- sketching out hdl
Metaphysical Linguism- 1/29/2020- language, metaphysics, representation
- a novel metaphysical view
Thinking Notation #3- 11/26/2019- logic
- additional thoughts on thinking notation
On Good Information- 8/18/2016- information
- attempt to define good information
Norm Commitment Modelling- 1/26/2019- ethics, normativity, rules
- thinking about Wittgenstein, rule-following, and commitment
Thinking Notation- 4/15/2012- thought, logic, diagrams
- Thinking Notation initial comments
Thinking Notation #2- 12/14/2018- thought, logic, diagrams
- Thinking Notation #2 comments
Supersentience- 3/18/2018- divine, intelligence, metaphysics
- remarks on the divine
Toward Gift Economics #1- 1/22/2020- money, economics, finance, future
- coupons and gift economics
Metaphors, Math, and Semantics- 1/26/2019- language
- thoughts on posthuman language and philosophy
Remarks on SCO- 12/30/2018- metaphilosophy, language
- Neo-Carnapianism
Ethical Calculus- 1/13/2020- ethics deontic logic
- calculating right-action
Truth-Only Logic- 1/30/2018- logic, truth
- sketch of a comparative theory of truth
Errors in Information Use- 1/18/2019- information
- general errors in information use
Information and Value- 12/24/2018- information
- information, value, software
Truth-Only Logic #3- 11/26/2019- logic
- is SVL reductive?
Transactional Logic- 2/2/2017- logic
- a treatment of propositions between two logics
Truth and The State- 1/26/2019- truth, philosophy
- asked Pilate, 'what is truth?'
Intellectual Property- 8/3/2016- law, intellectual property, software
- key intellectual property laws by state
Windows MR- 5/26/2019- programming, virtual reality, mixed reality
- Windows Mixed Reality
My Thoughts- 11/28/2018- logic, philosophy
- summation of ideas
Comments About Philosophy- 11/28/2018- philosophy
- brief comments and thoughts about philosophy
Kurt Gödel - 14 Posits- 11/1/2018- philosophy, future, logician
- Kurt Gödel's 14 posits
ZQL- 10/1/2018- logic, quantum
- Zero Order Quantum Logic
Dark Horse Hypothesis- 10/18/2016- future, technology
- a hypothesis about technology and expectations