Adam I. Gerard

My Thoughts

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  1. I lean toward the view that mathematics and traditional ontology are one in the same. To my knowledge this is either a new or rarely held position. Badiou and Pythagoras along with Tegmark have asserted kinda similar views about physical reality and math - or about the importance or primacy of math.

  2. I like Virtue Ethics - it’s first among equals w.r.t. to Consequentialism and Deontology. All matter but Virtue Ethics matters most. In general, if an action is compliant with all three we are very safe in saying an action is moral. If it fails all three it is clearly immoral. If it satisfies only some but not all it’s dubious and should be undertaken only over its less moral options.

  3. I am a logical pluralist. The view that there is no one “True” logic that governs reality. However, there are implicit logics at play - general patterns of inference that can be systematized - for each human activity including scientific discovery.

  4. There is a Highest being which strictly-speaking exceeds our crass human language to understand or conceive. Beyond God.

  5. The world is not all and only matter or material entities.

  6. Humans have barely begun to understand reality and existence. Even the physical world is as new to us as it was to Newton.

  7. There are many many kinds of advanced intelligences.

  8. Human language and our difficulties in philosophy with it will be circumscribed by entirely alien or novel ways of using and thinking about language. Nearly incomprehensible language systems.

  9. Many things return in various forms and guises.

  10. Empirical science is about to radically change. Not only will it be less about accidental discovery (and more about predictably guided research), it will also involve non-physical or seemingly non-natural (but actually thoroughly natural) activities.

  11. Philosophy will permanently evolve into an applied activity and not merely a creative, descriptive, or normative one.