Adam In Tae Gerard


Philosophy - 2014

Northern Illinois University
Logic Notes on Various Symbolic and Formal Systems - lecture notes
Handout notes on formal systems.
Truth-Grounding and the Liar - draft
A classical solution to the Liar Paradox
Propositional Stability - draft
Truth preservation across interpretations and logics
Structure Constrained Ontology - draft
Relational Bundles and Eliminative Ontic Structural Realism - draft
Defense of OSR
Propositional Calculus Workbook - notes
Proving theorems in LSPC
Skepticism and Epistemic Rationality - draft
Philosophical skepticism and warrant
Writing Sample - writing sample for M.A.
grad school writing sample
Connection Theory - draft
a mathematical framework
Truth-Only Logic - draft
single-value logics
Inner Semantics - draft
new view of semantics
Formal Mereology - notes
grad school notes