Adam I. Gerard


"Much have you been dreaming little machine..."

Mightily impressed! (With the product, company, and team!)

And with such great branding too.


Midjourney is a fascinating implementation of powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities applied to visual artwork.

Such computer-generated "dream prompts" seem to be primarily presented through the lens of machine learning. (The focal point of nearly all criticism and praise.) I think it's possibly more appropriate to think that it simultaneously represents the unlocking of all of humanity's most brilliant artistic and creative potentialities and, now, made available to all (and hence, fundamentally of the greater Hegelian human geist as well haha).

(Shamelessly showering praise:) The choice of branding seems both portentous and wondrous. It evokes the image of humanity as in-between and on-the-way.

Full disclosure: I've worked in Artificial Intelligence (just a bit) and with many startups.

Machine Learning involves human taxonomic categories (model labeling/training sets, etc.), inference-making (what image belongs to what classification category, etc.), programming, choice of Machine Learning architecture (multilayer perceptron, deep learning, linear regression, GAN, and so on), etc.

Despite that observation, I think there are some subtle, delightful, glimpses into the nascent creative happenings potently glimmering in the chrome shell of the machine. In one of the images displayed below - an iris is subtly and inexplicably placed within the mechanical eye and outer iris of an imagined dove. Its effect? A glimpse into a burgeoning, transcendent, creativity that's at once otherworldly and beyond.

(The following images are machine-generated. They are created through the Midjourney command line.)

Angels #1

Angels #2

From Tweet

Eminem Prompt

From Reddit

Space Battle

From metastellar

Renaissance Alien Invasion

From Reddit


From Kotaku

Award Winning

From Jason Allen

Jenn Mishra

From Expert Photography

Mechanical Dove

From Wikipedia


From Deviant Art

Reddit Angel

From Reddit

The Register

From The Register

Rise Visible

From Rise Visible

Creative Shrimp

From Creative Shrimp

Mango Tree

From Level Up Coding

Théâtre D’opéra Spatial

From Théâtre D’opéra Spatial

  1. "Software is the soul of the machine"
  2. Deus Ex Machina (God in the machine) - takes me back a bit to my English degree...
  3. Midjourney documentation and terms of service
  4. "Lo" (, behold!)

Mixing and Remixing

Midjourney conjured up the following from the prompts: hyperrealistic, philosopher, 4k, enlightenment

Philosopher #1

Philosopher #2

Philosopher Portrait

A bit of an uncanny resemblance, no?

And, the following produced from the prompts: alien, ufo, inexplicable, beyond, beyonder (while I'm on the subject of uaps)

Beyonder #1

Beyonder #3

Beyonder #2