Adam I. Gerard

Life Guidance Summary

I was re-reading the Delphic Maxims (worth a pass through) and wanted to distill into a list all of my scant practical advice.

(Note: I'm not necessarily the best practitioner of this advice - some of it's been learned the hard way.)


  1. Maximize income
  2. Minimize cost
  3. Maximize your investments and save
  4. Keep credit Good or better
  5. Purchase only the best products


  1. Be technical*
  2. Do math*
  3. Read philosophy*
  4. Learn a widely-used second language
  5. Learn how to make and use practical things
  6. Get a Masters degree or higher
  7. Challenge all dogmas


  1. Avoid drugs
  2. Take your vitamins
  3. Prefer boiled and filtered water
  4. Become a vegetarian
  5. Be clean and organized


  1. Don’t commit crimes
  2. Be kind and helpful to everyone by default
  3. Be ferocious in defense
  4. Be rational*
  5. Be reasonable more so than rational
  6. Consider the worst

Partners and Romance

  1. Don't have kids [unless you're well prepared]
  2. Don’t acquire unnecessary pets
  3. Get married to a good partner
  4. Have good sex and enjoy romance
  5. Don’t travel unnecessarily

Family and Friends

  1. Keep good relations with your family
  2. Keep trustworthy lifelong friends
  3. Develop a good sense of humor


i. Technical: be guided by accuracy, parsimony, correctness, specificity, organization, and detail.

ii. Math: the fields and general activities encompassing Logic, Set Theory, Abstract Algebra, Proof Theory, and so on.

iii. Philosophy: meaning academic philosophy - German, Greek, British, French, Buddhist, Theology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Math, etc.

iv. Rational: be guided by best choices, data, and evidence - willing to alter one's beliefs in light of evidence - the willingness and ability to admit error.